I2i Case Study

Happy 2023!! Our Insights team Invest2Innovate (i2i) have produced a beautifully succinct 2022 EOY roundup (think our startup ecosystem report but much, much more bite-sized) on the Pakistan startup landscape. (You can access it here yourself here, though I’ve shared the slides below: https://lnkd.in/etknzA8c) Here are my broad takeaways: 1/ Pakistani startups in 2022 raised… Continue reading I2i Case Study

Profit Pakistan Today

Will BusCaro be the one to finally say BusCaro to burning VC funding? If someone walked up to you today and said there was a new startup in town that was going to disrupt mass-transit with a low-cost, tech-heavy, bus sharing model what would you say? Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2018,… Continue reading Profit Pakistan Today

Deal Street Asia

Egypt-born SWVL, a startup that provides tech-enabled mass transit solutions, is said to have shut down its operations in Pakistan since early last month after being in the south Asian market for three years, DealStreetAsia has learnt.

The Green Room Podcast – International Women’s Day

In this episode, I speak with Maha Shahzad, Founder and CEO of BusCaro, a mobility startup in Pakistan that is changing the way that commuters travel. Maha grew up between the US and Pakistan and has worked at many well-known startups in Pakistan inluding FoodPanda, Careem, and Swvl. Maha has seen first-hand the financial, accessibility,… Continue reading The Green Room Podcast – International Women’s Day

Founder Pakistan

Mobility Startup BusCaro raises $500k in an angel round BusCaro a Mobility startup based in Karachi, Pakistan recently announced a $500k angel round, angel investors in the round include Kashif Rehman of Hefezat Technologies, Safee Shah of Byte, Muhammad Yusuf Jan of Dot Zero Ventures, and others. BusCaro was launched in July 2022 by Maha… Continue reading Founder Pakistan